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      Summary:Brilliant is a mix of world -class talent community problem-solving , problem solving designed to challenge and bring together experts to analyze and solve mathematical problems.
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      Brilliant is a mix of world -class talent community problem-solving , problem solving designed to challenge and bring together experts to analyze and solve mathematical problems. Brilliant.org hopes to become a community of these talents for these talent ( both young and old ) the opportunity to come together to challenge themselves , to help them find like-minded people , and provide them with the opportunity to use their skills . Sue Chin founded Brilliant reason is because he realized that the existing looking for technical personnel, discovery science, medicine and technology leader in the field of future methods no longer work . Therefore, Sue Chin decided to create a community , so that these outstanding students to challenge themselves , to develop their true potential , to achieve real success. Currently , Brilliant has invited a group of math professors, scientists and other skilled personnel in the community to create a variety of problems . Brilliant week also featured some Olympic-style math and physics problem sets . Users can not only solve the problem, but also can share their own solutions and problem solving process .

      March 2013 , the site was only a few thousand users, but investors believe that someday Brilliant users will reach several million . In less than a year's time , Brilliant will harvest fro m 135 countries, 100,000 users, but now the number of users has been doubling every two months . Brilliant users youngest was 13 years old , some of it is old. If the user is the first time using the site , you need to participate in a brief diagnostic tests , the system according to the user 's performance to their math problem-solving skills assessment or a grade ( 1-5 ) . Each week, users will get one according to their level of competence and knowledge designed title sets. These questions focus on the subject , often than their school exams to be more challenging and interesting. Each question , the user has three attempts . If they correctly solved the problem , they will get the corresponding points , the user can use these points for the corresponding prize , or even get to other places in-depth learning opportunities. If a user consecutive two weeks at its current level of performance excellence , Brilliant will allow them to enter into a new level , to give them some more challenging problem sets .

      Initially Brilliant is the field of physics and mathematics hiring professionals to design topics , then more and more users to participate in problem solving , there are some professionals began voluntarily out of question, because they enjoyed the kind of questions designed to challenge others a sense of . For example , Brilliant currently being held called " The Hunger Games " Game Theory programming contest. Users need to write an algorithm and algorithm against other users . Although the site has only just started, but Sue Chin and investors Pali Ha Tia has completed its like a good business model. Brilliant will work with universities and eventually need talented companies and organizations, to provide them with excellent mathematical and technical personnel, in fact , they are already doing . Brilliant does not become another job board , but will get the opportunity to play a channel . Brilliant help talented people get the chance to further develop , if not Brilliant these people likely to be ignored.


      E-mail : support@brilliant.org

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      Welcome you to visit our website!
      Brilliant is a mix of world -class talent community problem-solving , problem solving designed to challenge and bring together experts to analyze and solve mathematical problems.

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