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      Rakuten shopping on the net

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      Summary:Since our foundation in 1997, Rakuten Group has engaged in various businesses and services. With the mission of empowering people and society through the Internet, our goal is to become the No.
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      Rakuten shopping on the net - Rakuten, Inc.

      Corporate Overview

      Name Rakuten, Inc.
      Head Office Location Shinagawa Seaside Rakuten Tower,
      4-12-3 Higashi-shinagawa,
      Shinagawa-ku, 140-0002, Tokyo
      TEL. +81-3-6387-1111 (Map)
      Branch Office Addresses and Map

      Representative Chairman and CEO
      Hiroshi Mikitani
      Management Team

      Founded Feb. 7, 1997
      Rakuten Ichiba Service Launched May 1, 1997
      IPO Apr. 19, 2000
      Capital 109,530 million yen (as of Dec. 31, 2013)
      Employees Non-consolidated: 3,762
      Consolidated: 10,867
      (as of Dec. 31, 2013)

      Rakuten is Japan's largest shopping website, created in 1997. By 2008, more than 56,400 companies sign shop Rakuten market. Product content all totalling more than 10 million. In addition to shopping, and free markets, auctions, and more.

      Let users enjoy online shopping fun. Rakuten is Japan network service provider's Web portal, providing search, mail, news, shopping, maps, dictionaries, financial and other services.

      Rakuten to offer businesses more efficient and more beautiful and attractive Web page editing, quick jobs, such as operating systems and database development and marketing use, investment amounted to 3.3 billion yen in 2003, IT accounted for total revenues of 3%. From the establishment prior to the March 2003, 50,000 yen charged to each Web store on the shelves. Designed to quickly get into at a very low price shops form a mall with a number of economies of scale and product number. After March 2003, change the monthly business turnover of accounts removed, depending on the turnover received 2~10% agreed to receive. jp.0430.com recommend

      Since our foundation in 1997, Rakuten Group has engaged in various businesses and services. With the mission of "empowering people and society" through the Internet, our goal is to become the No.1 Internet services company in the world. Here are some key milestones in the history of Rakuten Group so far.

      Our Mission is to Empower People and Society through the Internet.

      Our Goal is to Become the No. 1 Internet Services Company in the World.

      Since our foundation in 1997 it has been our corporate mission to empower people and society through the Internet, while aiming to become the No. 1 Internet services company in the world.

      Many online shopping sites at the time of our foundation were little more than online web catalogs, and few believed that people would buy things on the Internet. It was during such a time that we launched the Internet shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba. Our site was created based on the concept of not having 'system-savvy people run the business' but creating a platform that enabled 'ordinary people skilled in retail' to open their own online shops.

      Rakuten Ichiba is the global pioneer of the B2B2C marketplace, which provides the platform, traffic and expertise to empower even small-scale retailers to set up their businesses on the Internet. Through Ichiba, Rakuten aims to introduce consumers to "the joy of discovery" through Internet shopping and to create an environment where merchants and consumers can interact in the same way they might in a real-world marketplace, where transactions can be engaging, exciting, informative, and personal.

      Beyond our flagship e-commerce business Rakuten Ichiba, the Rakuten Group has expanded into a diverse array of online services, including eBooks & eReading, travel, banking, securities, credit cards, e-money, portal media, online marketing, and professional sports. The integration of all of our services, which are anchored around our membership loyalty program, Rakuten Super Points, is the Rakuten Ecosystem and the core strategy of our international expansion.

      At Rakuten, we are currently accelerating the global expansion of the Rakuten Ecosystem into the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, starting with our e-commerce, eBooks & eReading, and travel businesses. By introducing our unique corporate philosophy of empowering people and society through the Internet we hope to continue to grow the Rakuten Group globally and to eventually realize our vision of a global Rakuten Ecosystem.

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      Welcome you to visit our website!
      Rakuten shopping on the net:Since our foundation in 1997, Rakuten Group has engaged in various businesses and services. With the mission of empowering people and society through the Internet, our goal is to become the No.

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