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      Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School

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      Summary:Welcome to Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School.In October 2002, Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School was established in the core of Qiangjiang New CBD on the south bank of the Qiantang River, which cov.
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      The latest site of this classThis latest report: Hangzhou Binwen Primary School
      Welcome to Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School.
      In October 2002, Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School was established in the core of Qiangjiang New CBD on the south bank of the Qiantang River, which covers an area of 30 acres. It was the first school specially projected for small class education and the first school to fully implement “New Class Education” in China.In October 2009, Chovan was under the reformation to be a private school.

      With the floor space of 20,206 square meters and the construction area of 22,686 square meters, the school enjoys an agreeable surroundings, top-ranking teaching equipment and practically advanced teaching ideology. More than 40 classes with over 1,000 students exist in Chovan. The school adheres to the historical tradition of Chovan Academy with the motto – “Respect Cultures & Esteem Virtues”. The educational goal is to be “world class and domestic leading”; the aim is to “make the school a funfair for students and teachers’ growth”; the feature is to offer “multiple learning methods and abundant learning experiences”. With 9 core courses, the school highlights the characteristics of the new classes – “Collaboration, Cooperation, Exploration, Personality, Authenticity, Openness, Innovation”.

      In September 2003, XI Jinping, the then Sectary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, paid a visit to Chovan, highly appreciating the school’s orientation and earnestly expecting that more children can receive better education. The general secretary’s remarks have stimulated the teachers to unremittingly blaze new trails and zealously be devoted to sharing Chovan education of high class. In May 2018, with the implementation of the strategy -- “Development Embraces the Qiantang River”, Chovan Education Group was established with “Chovan Experimental School”, “Chovan Preschool”, “Chovan Century City Experimental School” and “Chovan Imagist Kindergarten” by both sides of the Qiantang river. The school pattern of “4 Campuses & 3 Centers” has been initially formed. Under the leadership of YU Guodi, secretary of the group party committee and chief principal, the whole faculty have launched a new journey for the teaching group of “New Class Education”.

      Chovan is staffed with strong faculty: 1 nationwide prominent teacher who is also the “Ten Thousand Program” teaching master, 3 teaching expertise of provincial level, 1 “March Eighth” Red Banner Pacesetter of provincial level, 7 teaching rookies and education reform stars of provincial level, 81 prominent teachers and teaching rookies of municipal and district level, 9 subject leaders of municipal level, 1 senior teacher and 21 associate senior teachers. Since its foundation, Chovan has been devoted to the construction of the teaching staff, reinforcing the innovation of the teachers’ training. Workshops take nationwide prominent teaching expertise as the core, such as Mr. ZHANG Huawan, Ms. WANG Yanhua, Ms. YANG Mingming, Ms. YANG Weihua, Mr. ZHU Leping, Mr. ZHANG Dinger and so on. “Prominent Teachers of Chovan” are appreciated and elected and “5-Level Tutorial System” is implemented, which not only drive the constant development of teachers but also form the team of teachers filled with teaching vitality.

      Chovan enjoys over 50 honors of provincial and municipal level, such as Zhejiang Civilization School, Zhejiang Advanced Hygienic Unit, Zhejiang Green School, the Practice & Training Base for Prominent Teachers & Headmasters of Primary and Middle Schools fro m the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang Advanced Scientific & Research Group, Zhejiang Red Banner Brigade, Zhejiang Exemplary Base for Party Building of the State-Owned Private School, Hangzhou Advanced Primary Party Branch, Hangzhou Exemplary School for Security, Hangzhou Advanced School of Urban and Rural Pairing.
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      1 floor Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School [*.*.*.*] published in 2020/10/13/ 11:10:00
      Welcome you to visit our website!
      Welcome to Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School.In October 2002, Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School was established in the core of Qiangjiang New CBD on the south bank of the Qiantang River, which cov

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